Carbon TypeDescriptionSizenull-ValueMarker
nullabsence of data (user-defined)0+ bytenull value[n] or dedicated value

Encoding as Field Value

JSON null constant1 byte[n]none


JSON snippet

[ null ]

Carbon File snippet

[[] [n] []] 

Encoding as Column Value

There is no dedicated column type for null-only lists. Instead use array types that contain only null values.

The occurence of a null value in a column is done by encoding the absence of data with a dedicated value taken from the column type domain. Note that this dedicated value is reserved for this use, and is not in the value domain of the corresponding Carbon type.

Data TypeColumn MarkerNull SizeNull Constant
booleans values[B]1 byte2
unsigned 8-bit int.[1]1 byte255
unsigned 16-bit int.[2]2 bytes65,535
unsigned 32-bit int.[3]4 bytes4,294,967,295
unsigned 64-bit int.[4]8 bytes18,446,744,073,709,551,615
signed 8-bit integers[5]1 byte−128
signed 16-bit int.[6]2 bytes−32,768
signed 32-bit int.[7]4 bytes−2,147,483,648
signed 64-bit int.[8]8 bytes−9,223,372,036,854,775,808
32-bit floats[R]4 bytesNAN


JSON snippet

[42, 23, null]

A (compacted) Carbon column-u8

[1](3)(3) [42][23][255]