Running Example

JSON snippet

   "title":"Back to the Future",
      "time travel",
      1985, 1986, 1987,
      1992, 2008, 2010,
      2012, 2015, 2016

Carbon record for JSON snippet

[nokey, 1B]
[array-begin, 1B]
[object-begin, 1B]
   (str-len, 1B)[title, 5B] [string-field, 1B](str-len, 1B)[Back to the Future, 18B]
   (str-len, 1B)[sub-title, 9B] [null-field, 1B]
   (str-len, 1B)[year, 4B] [short-integer-field, 1B][1985, 2B]
   (str-len, 1B)[imdb-rating, 11B] [float-field, 1B][8.5, 4B]
   (str-len, 1B)[keywords, 8B] 
      [array-begin, 1B] 
         [string-field, 1B](str-len, 1B)[time travel, 11B] 
         [string-field, 1B](str-len, 1B)[delorean, 8B]       
         [string-field, 1B](str-len, 1B)[comedy, 6B]            
      [array-end, 1B]
   (str-len, 1B)[release-dates,13B] 
      [short-int-column, 1B](num-elems, 1B)(cap-elems, 1B)
         [1985, 2B] 
         [1986, 2B] 
         [1987, 2B]
         [1992, 2B] 
         [2008, 2B] 
         [2010, 2B]
         [2012, 2B]
         [2015, 2B]
         [2016, 2B]
[object-end, 1B] 
[array-end, 1B] 

144 byte

FormatDocument Size
Plain-Text JSON187 byte
Binary JSON (BSON)219 byte
Universal Binary JSON (UBJSON)155 byte
Columnar Binary JSON (Carbon)144 byte